General Knowledge

General knowledge is detailed knowledge of particular subject or things and awareness about social, culture, country, histry, geography, science, market, politics, etc. General knowledge  helps us to grow both on personal as well as academic level. It help us to know and analyze the world and universe and develop our sense.  General knowledge has been defined in different ways like culturally, socially valued and  communicated by  non-specialised media and  wide  range of particular subject . General knowledge is  support us by long-term semantic memory ability and then we make different topics and short questions like current affairs, history, geology,  geography, science, etc.General knowlwdge is broad subject which covered many type of area like past time events, happenings, our past and present in all the world. We should be aware about general knowledge because mostly all government and private body conduct any examination, general knowledge is compulsory part of it to select candidates for service . General knowledge and general awareness both are compulsory part of any competitive examinations. Current affairs means any events or happening, news  in present time in the world. these current affairs questions are very important for any competitive examinations and interviews because our knowledge is update through these types of questions and answers. These current affairs knoledge is useful in our all types exam like Bank P.O , Bank clerk exam, RRB exam, RAS exam, UPSC exam, SSC Exam, and many more exams. you should be update all type of current affairs news, and these current affairs news are asking in competitive exams and interviews. So you should be read daily news papers and watch news on TV  or check our website regularly for updates.

List of Bharat Ratna Awards winners in India

Bharat Ratna Award is the highest civilian honour award in India. The award is given in recognition of service of the highest order, without distinction of race, occupation, position, or sex. The award was originally given to achievements in the arts, literature, science, and…